Nonprofit and Business Development Programs



The Business and Nonprofit Development Division (BNDD) provides consulting and training to businesses and nonprofits to get them ready to apply for grants, contracts, and loans. The training and support offered by the BNDD include three opportunities: a 2-hour Getting Ready for Grants, Contract, and Loans Workshop, a choice of over 20 "How to" Grant Writing eBooks and workshops for current Funding priorities,  and a 30 Day Do It With Me (DIFM) Nonprofit and Business Funding Readiness program.


The DIFM program includes ensuring that your organization each item listed our five phases of grants, contract & loan preparation readiness which includes: Phase 1: Initial Completion, Phase 2: Brand Identity, Phase 3: Collaboration, Phase 4, Sustainability, and Phase 5: Grant Writing Preparation of completion in an easily accessible format. The resulting documents can then be used by your team or presented to a qualified grant writer who can use them to create a narrative presentation for your public benefit program, product, or service with a greater probability of success.

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