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Do It Yourself Fund Development Apps
One Hour to Grants & 1 Hour 2 Funds

Do It Yourself (DIY)
Instant Do
wnload Digital Grant 
& Business Development Workbooks

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One Hour To Grants App

Welcome to the exclusive One Hour to Grants App, developed by none other than Dr. Barbara Wright! This powerful app is the key to unlocking grant funding for your non-profit organization or business. Using our exclusive intake form, you can easily organize all the documents and information needed to create a personalized and printable grant template. Once your documents are organized you can complete your grant with an executive summary, narrative, evaluation, and sample budget in about an hour. But that's not all - our grant writing app also includes personalized common attachments such as a grant cover letter, letter of intent, letter of request for funding, and even a Memorandum of Understanding. With the One Hour to Grants App, you'll have everything you need to secure the funding your organization deserves with the ability to easily print and share with your team. Say goodbye to endless paperwork and hello to grant success - try the One Hour to Grants App today!

One Hour To Funds App

Looking to improve your for-profit or non-profit organization's finances? Look no further than the 1 Hour 2 Funds app! With three powerful calculators at your disposal, this app can help you achieve financial success like never before. The first calculator provides an initial projected total operating budget based on the number of hours you're willing to work, making it ideal for new or scaling organizations. The second calculator simultaneously takes this figure and simulates a project budget allocation, while the third calculator generates a detailed line-item budget. Best of all, these calculators can be used together or separately, so you can tailor your approach to your specific needs. Upgrade your financial game with 1 Hour 2 Funds today!

DIY Grant Writing Workbooks

Only $19.99
(for a limited only)

DIY Grant Writing & Business Development Workbooks
Ready for Instant Download

Unlock your full creative potential with the innovative courses and curriculums developed by Dr. Barbara Wright! Our program includes six distinctive instant download workbooks, each with an optional workshop, designed to help you discover, design, define, and ultimately deploy your goals. Our recommended purchase order includes the 4 D's: Discovering, Designing, Defining, and Deploying Your Goals, Getting Ready for Grant Writing, Grant Writing Finally Made Easy, Manna for Manifesting Millions, and Grants Management Finally Made Easy.
But that's not all - our program also features 30 instant download workbooks, each focused on frequently funded priorities for foundation, local, state, or federal agencies, with an optional course or workshop developed by Dr. Wright. Topics include Domestic Violence, Reentry, Child and Adult Day Care,
Human Trafficking, Pre-K-12 School Programs, Communication Education Programs, Transitional Living, and many more. Plus, each course and instant download workbook features the exclusive B-4 Grant Writing Canvas System developed by Dr. Wright. We've even included links to additional web resources like relevant open grants, sample grants, budgets, business plans, websites, and statistics, saving you valuable research time and money. Discover your true creative potential with our innovative courses and curriculums - try Dr. Barbara Wright's program today!

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