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6 Month, $1M+ Grant Writing Service

A 6 month, $1,000,000 + grant writing expediter service for qualified organizations

  • 1 hour
  • 12,000 US dollars
  • Live on Zoom Video

Service Description

Grant Writing Service Description 6 Month Contractor shall provide the following services for Client: 1. Provide grant writing Intake form and checklist of initial documents & information required for expedited grant writing to client ($150 Hr * 40 Hours) 2. Assist in identifying aligned U.S. state or federal grants. 3. Research funding source proposal requirements and submittal deadlines & to develop work plan on behalf of Client. 4. Interview designated Client Administrator (“Client Administrator”) to determine goals and objectives, scope, feasibility, and funding needs for each grant application. 5. Gather and maintain current files on proposed programs and projects relevant to Client’s scope of interest. 6. Write, edit, and proofread up to three (3) proposals to state or federal funding agencies ranging from $250,000 to $1,000,000. 7. Coordinate preparation, assembly, and delivery of proposal documents to client for submittal. 8. Provide information to client for tracking status of proposals and assist with providing additional information as required by funding sources. 9. Work in conjunction with Client Administrator to match grant opportunities with identified funding priorities and develop the proposal collaboratively with the Client Administrator. 10. Consult with client on requirements for serving as the primary contact with the grantors during the decision-making process to assure that all requirements have been met and to assist, if necessary, with any additional information that might be needed. 11. Consult with Client Administrator in follow up conversation after the funding decision has been reached (either positive or negative) to foster potential future funding opportunities. 12. Consult with Client Administrator to ensure that he/she is aware of required reports that are to be prepared by the Client and submitted during the grant period. Required Bonus Choice Selection of 1 or 2 below: ☐ Bonus Payment Option 1: A success bonus of 2% for grants of $1,000,000 or more and 3% of grants under $1,000,000 will be due and payable within 30 days of the initial disbursement of funds for each grant written by the contractor and funded within one year of the initial contract date or any agreed upon extended contract period. ☐ Evaluator Payment Option 2: Evaluation services will also be offered at 5% of the grant amount per year in lieu of the bonus in some cases. The Payment will be due in 12 monthly equal payments.

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