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Personal Resources

The list of resources below will help you & your family to develop personally & financially.


Check back often for new updates. Contact us if you would like to provide a link to help your online community.

Need help, restoration, compensation, or support for crime victims in your state?

Click the link above to find help for your state or location. Let us know if you were able to find help.

Need help repairing your home?

Check these links out to see if there's a grant to help you do it? Let me know if you are successful!


What's Your Purpose, Gift, or Talent?

Take a test to find out.


Want to Work from Home 

Click here to review & apply for 100 jobs that will allow you to work from home without being on the phone.

Click here to earn a certificate to earn more income now!
This site provides 100's opportunities for you to obtain certificates from free to $199.00. Get started Changing Your Life

Click here to locate an internship for college students.

This website provides a list of internships for college students.        


Click here to print all 3 credit reports Free.

Provides you a free credit report once a year totally free.

Click here to get your credit score free.

Provides you a free credit score with many other credit building tools.


Click here for free self development tools.

Provides you with self-test, quotes and other websites that will help you to develop personally.


Click here for a five minute personality test.

A quick personality test to help you to determine who you really are personally.


Click here to find the field for your personality.

A personality test to determine who your business qualities


Click here for 250 of the best free resume samples.

Provides 250 resume templates that you can revise for your next high paying job.


Click here for free quick online tutorials.

You can learn just about anything on this website, some real quality & others not, but I think it’s worth a visit.


Click here for more quick tutorials.

This search engine is endless. Just try it out for almost any topic.

- Funding is finally made easy

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