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Welcome to our exclusive eWorkbook designed to transform the way you write Veterans program grants! Our revolutionary grant writing technique and valuable resources will save you time and effort while ensuring your grant proposals stand out.


Our comprehensive workshop includes everything you need to enhance or build your grant team, locate grants, understand the nuances of grant RFPs, and develop scalable budgets. We provide you with proven tools, tips, and techniques to streamline your grant writing process, enabling you to write high-quality grants in record time.


But that's not all! Our eWorkbook also includes access to our exclusive CDB Logic Model Template, which simplifies the grant writing process and ensures your proposals meet all necessary requirements. Plus, we offer a wealth of housing grant, contract, and loan funding resources to help you achieve your goals.

We understand the importance of having access to additional resources when writing grants, which is why our eWorkbook includes embedded researched links to many invaluable resources that will enhance your grant writing process.


Stop struggling with grant writing and invest in our eWorkbook to take your Veterans program grant writing to the next level. Our proven techniques, tools, and tips combined with our exclusive resources will give you the confidence to write high-quality grants in half the time. With our eWorkbook, you'll have everything you need to secure funding and make a difference in the lives of our Veterans.

4-Grant Writing for Veterans Programs

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