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Looking to streamline your grant writing process for Youth and Adult Education programs? 

Our eWorkbook introduces you to a revolutionary grant writing technique and essential resources that will help you write quality grants in half the time. With our comprehensive workshop, you'll gain access to tools, tips, and techniques for improving or building your grant team, finding the ideal grants for your Education organization, and identifying the similarities and differences in grant RFPs.


We also provide guidance on developing scalable budgets and utilizing our exclusive CDB Logic Model Template, ensuring that your grant applications are comprehensive and effective. Plus, you'll have access to great housing grant, contract, and loan funding resources, as well as embedded researched links to additional invaluable resources.


A must-have for any Education organization looking to secure the funding they need to achieve their goals. Don't waste any more time on grant writing - order our eWorkbook now and start writing quality grants with ease!


18-Grant Writing for Community Education Programs