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Business Resources

The list of resources below will help you to prepare for college, careers or entrepreneurship.


Check back often for new updates. Contact us if you would like to provide a link to help your online neighbor.


Click here to apply for the $800 Billion in PPP Loans for Small Businesses

If you filed a Schedule C on your taxes and your line 7 has a number on it, and you have not been charged with fraud in the last year, you may qualify for the 1% loan that may be forgivable. Don't worry that you didn't have any employees because you did...YOU! Don't miss out! What are you waiting for, click the link! 

40 Ways to Make Money Without a Job

If you received a pink slip today, what would you do? As our world becomes more automated in the workplace, the number of employees needed per company is reduced. Click the link above to find 40 ways to make money without the job.

106 Business Startup Grant Sources

Trying to find grants or loans for your business is work! Click the link above to make it a little easier. 


Other Business Startup or Expansion Funding Options

Here are 15 more options for entrepreneurs looking for funding sources. Don't forget to have your business plan ready.


75 Potential Business Startup or Expansion Loans, One App.

This one is great if you don't like a lot of red tape! It will give you options & then you can apply.


Rules for Opening Your Own Credit Union

If you or your organization would like to open your own credit union, start by clicking above.



Business & Government Contract

If you'd like to acquire a contract with the government for your business, click the link above.


75 Great Apps for Small Business Startups
This site will provide links to great websites to help you get your business started right.


Click here to take free business courses to help your business succeed!

This site provides 100's of free courses for many topics, but you will really be impressed with the business offerings!


Click here to build your own FREE website.

Allows you to build a free website for your personal, academic, or professional use.


Click here to create a budget for your new or existing business.


Provides you with a sample budget that is based on true industry standards for your business.


Click here for research statistics.

Provides you with information by zip codes for all of your business planning needs.


Click here to get certified in your industry today!

 Provides quick certification in over 800 industries, accepted by over 6500 companies.


Click here to create a quick budget for your business.

Provides you with a sample budget that is based on true industry standards.

- Funding is finally made easy

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