The Certified Dream Builder Network was established by Dr. Barbara Wright in 2016. Barbara has served as an award-winning Business Education instructor for 14 years, as host of the weekly radio show Business By the Book for 20 years,  and as a retail and service entrepreneur and business development consultant for over 30 years.


Her successes in those capacities have included:

  • Developing the 4 Ps of classroom management strategy that helped urban students exceed national averages on standardized test year after year.

  • Developing the 'Finally Made Easy' workbooks and training materials for local and national workshops that include:

    • Grant Writing Finally Made Easy

    • Grants Management Finally Made Easy

    • Financial Plans & Fundraising Finally Made Easy

    • Business Development Finally Made Easy

    • Non-Profit Development Finally Made Easy

    • Personal, College, and Career Planning Finally Made Easy

    • Opening an Online or Offline Store Finally Made Easy

    • Opening a Child Care Center, School or College Finally Made Easy

  • Providing Grant Writing and Funds Development training to 1000's of new and existing non-profits and entrepreneurs as an adjunct professor and conference speaker at colleges and universities, and to community and government agencies around the country.

  • A highly sought after grant writer who has helped to raise over 100 million in life changing grants and business plan funding.


The new mission of Certified Dream Builder, Inc., for this next decade, is to build a network of leaders including funders, educators, supporters, and trainers willing to step outside of the status quo, and join forces to develop a more inclusive entrepreneur ecosystem for minority and 1st generation entrepreneurs, for the benefit of all our communities.

Dr. Wright holds Missouri certification in Business Education, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and Ph.D. in Religious Education with an emphasis in Research and Teaching from Faith Bible College & Theological Seminary. She currently serves as Grant Writer for Kansas City Public Schools.

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