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About Us

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Canvas Grant Readiness System


Founded in 2016 by Dr. Barbara Wright, Certified Dream Builder, Inc. (CDB) is a premier provider of grants, Contracts, and loan fund development services, catering to non-profit and for-profit organizations on local, state, and national levels. Our comprehensive offerings encompass consulting, document preparation and workshops for contract and loan application readiness, consulting services, and innovative Grant Writing Apps.

At Certified Dream Builder, we excel in the development of Business and Nonprofit programs, ensuring they are primed for funding opportunities. Our core expertise lies in grant writing and fund development services. Dr. Barbara Wright, the visionary behind CDB, has designed exclusive tools, including the Canvas Grant Writing system, seamlessly integrated with our distinctive Grant Writing and Budget Apps, accessible on both IOS and Android platforms. Our unique system guides organizations through an intake process that enhances and aligns their programs and services with prevailing funding priorities, be it through grants, contracts, or loans.


Dr. Barbara Wright, a seasoned expert with over two decades in grant writing, fund development, and training, is the driving force behind Certified Dream Builder, Inc. She's also a consultant at Wright Partner's Group, LLC, and leads the innovative Dream Writers Institute.

With an impressive history, Dr. Wright has secured funds spanning from small to multimillion-dollar grants, totaling over $150 million for diverse entities. Her guidance is valued by organizations of all sizes, including her roles as a former Program Manager for the Housing Authority of Kansas City and Grant Manager for Kansas City Public Schools.

Dr. Wright's impact extends through workshops at community organizations, government agencies, faith-based institutions, and schools worldwide. She's pioneered exclusive tools like the One Hour to Grant app and the 1 Hour 2 Funds Budget Scaling app, available on IOS and Android. Her inventive Canvas Grant Writing System streamlines the process, saving time. She's authored 30+ workshops and workbooks on vital grant-related topics.

With credentials including a Lifetime Missouri Certification in Business Education, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree in Education-Curriculum & Instruction, and a Ph.D. in Religious Education, Dr. Wright is a renowned authority and a sought-after professional in fund development and grant writing.

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