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Certified Dream Builder, Inc. (CDB) was established in 2016 to provide grants, contract, and loan application readiness workshops, consulting, and resources to nonprofits and businesses that provide programs, products, and services to the general public.

Certified Dream Builder offers Business and Nonprofit Grant Writing and Fund Development programs & products including an exclusive Canvas Grant Writing system developed by Dr. Barbara Wright. This system includes the Do It Yourself (DIY) 'Instant Download' Workbooks, and the Do It With Me (DIWM) Workshops Trainings which helps your organization get ready for applying for grants, contracts, and loans for public benefit programs, products and services.

The second division is the Grant Writers and Fund Development Training and Business Mastermind that provides an exclusive training programs for grant writers and fund developers as employees, contractors or as independent consulting business owners. 

Dr. Barbara Wright is the President of CDB and has over 20 years experience in grant writing and fund development. She has won over $100 million dollars in grants, contracts, and loans and conducted 100s of funding workshops at schools, colleges, and community organizations nationally. She has also created exclusive products to assist her in consulting, training, and writing and winning grants in half-the-time. These tools include the 1 Hour 2 Funds app for both IOS and Android, and her exclusive Canvas Grant Writing System for writing grants in half-the-Time.


She holds a Missouri certification in Business Education, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and a Ph.D. in Religious Education with an emphasis in Research and Teaching from Faith Bible College & Theological Seminary. In addition to serving as the President of Certified Dream Builder, Inc., and Adjunct Grant Writing Professor at Johnson County Community College, she most recently served as the lead District Grant Writer for Kansas City Public Schools.

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