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25 Customized Program Development

& Sustainability Planning Resources

Including timelines, logic models, budgets, sample grants & many more

for developing a fundable program for you or your client's program

Unlock the full potential of your nonprofit vision with Dr. Barbara Wright's comprehensive digital workbook series. Each of the 25 workbooks is a gateway to hundreds of resources, providing you with a robust introduction to each program. Delve into the heart of planning with timelines and logic models, and navigate financials with sample million-dollar budgets and innovative fundraising strategies. Dr. Barbara includes keys to funding success, offering access to national grant funders, partners, and an extensive, clickable list of grants. Plus, with every workbook, you'll receive a tailored list of potential federal grants, partners, corporate donors, and ready-to-use RFPs for those crucial $1,000,000 federal grants.


Take the first step towards transformative change today by selecting your customized invaluable resource from the books below. Your journey to impactful program development and successful grant acquisition begins here—start building your nonprofit's future now!

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