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Are you tired of missing out on grant opportunities for your organization? Look no further than our printable workbook, designed to ensure that you're always ready for any grant that comes your way.

Our exclusive forms, developed by none other than multi-million dollar grant winner Dr. Barbara Wright, are just the start of what our workbook has to offer. Our Proven, Invaluable, and Exclusive Systems (PIES) of charts and checklists, along with tools, tips, and techniques, will give you and your grant writing team the edge you need to expedite the grant writing process and answer funder questions with ease.

Don't waste any more time scrambling for documents or missing out on grant opportunities. With our workbook, you'll have everything you need to stand out from the competition and secure the funding your organization deserves. Order now and take the first step towards grant writing success!

26-Getting Ready For Grant Writing

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